Dr. Jiangbo Li

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Dr. Jiangbo Li is the fourth Chair (August 2017 – present) of the Mental Health Morita Therapy Application Special Committee in China. He is the Chief Physician in the Clinical Psychology Department at Wuhu City Second People’s Hospital affiliated with Wannan Medical College. Dr. Li holds a Doctoral degree in Japanese Medicine and supervises Masters students at Wuhan University and Wannan Medical College. He has held or currently holds the following positions:
• Visiting professor at Tokyo Healthcare University
• Director, China Association for Mental Health and is listed on the database of experts
• Executive Director, China Internal View and Life Science committee
• Vice President, Wuhu City Psychological Association
• Vice President, Wuhu City Psychiatric Association
• Director, Chinese Medical Association Anhui Behavioral Medicine branch
Dr. Li developed the Chinese version of a self-rating scale for measuring the toraware state of neurosis in 2016, and co-authored four books and published more than 40 articles on it (Morita therapy?) in domestic and foreign journals. Over the years, Dr. Li has focused on research and clinical practice of Morita therapy. He has presented at Chinese and Japanese Morita therapy conferences between 2013 and 2016. He is the convener of the 10th International Congress of Morita Therapy scheduled to take place in Wuhu, China in 2019.