Oneness with the task at hand

Dr. Shoma Morita

Shoma Morita, M.D. (1874-1938) was a psychiatrist, researcher, and professor of psychiatry at Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo.

Morita Therapy

Morita therapy is a Japanese indigenous therapy developed by the late Dr. Shoma Morita, and has been practiced in Japan for almost 100 years. Its approach is often described as nature-based, action-based, facts-centred.

Morita Therapy is practiced in many places around the world as described on the International Committee for Morita Therapy website.

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ICMT’s Mandate

ICMT is an operating division of JSMT. ICMT’s job is to disseminate information about Morita Therapy throughout the world (outside Japan), to promote the application, study and use of Morita Therapy in clinical settings.

ICMT does this though promoting and hosting international conferences and educational workshops. ICMT acts as a supporting resource for clinical professions to exchange ideas and techniques.

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